I am happy you found your way here

My name is Susan. I live in Marin County where I practice Aromatherapy, Wellness Coaching and Yoga. My inspiration comes from nature, as most days begin and end close to the ocean. I specialize in guiding women back into a loving relationship with themselves and developing a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

I believe there is a way of life that is lived in harmony with the rhythms of nature- those of the sun, moon, and seasons. One that honors our own unique reflection of how we live in nature. This is the wisdom I share as a student and teacher, as I continue to learn and grow on my own healing journey. I help woman re-build their natural lifestyle with one of balance, energy, fulfillment, and spiritual connection.


be your own healer

After a major accident a few years ago, surgery and countless hospital visits - I was broken. Physically and mentally I was not the same person- I didn’t know who I was in my body and, I wanted out. How do I stop running fifty + miles a week, yoga five times a week for over twenty years, to absolutely nothing? I hit bottom; I was in extreme physical pain for such a long time, I didn’t know the difference. My self-worth was at an all-time low until one day I realized; the only way out, is in”. I began to shift my life toward positivity and self-care. Only when the healing began on the inside, would the outside come together.

I embarked on a journey to heal myself both physically and mentally. Through yoga, a plant-based diet, aromatherapy and meditation, I began taking the steps toward a healthy and vibrant life. I replaced the laundry list of health problems (chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, bloat, weight gain, anxiety and depression) with rituals and remedies that focused on self-care and plant medicine. As I worked closely with nature and listened to my own body, I was energetically opening myself up to a deeper level of healing- I began to understand the subtle energy and auspiciousness that comes from living in balance and ease. My journey gave me the experience and tools to support other women in need of balance and self-care.

Plant medicine and living in balance will offer you the power to heal yourself in whatever struggle you maybe facing. When you begin caring, trusting, and nourishing your body…

you become your own healer.

  • Certified Professional Aromatherapist - Level 2 NAHA

  • Certified Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Sage Mountain Science & Art of Herbalism Certification

  • NY Institute of Aromatic Studies- Botanical Body Care Products Formulation Certification

  • RYT 200