guiding woman back to inner beauty and balance

A stressful lifestyle makes it hard to keep up with family, career, social life, and travel while still having the time for self-care and healthy routines. I work with high-achieving women, like you, who lead busy lives with little time to waste. They are ready to show up by courageously identifying what is not working and replacing it with a sustainable lifestyle rooted in mind-body-spirit wholeness.

Nature is our guide and teacher. It is the ancient wisdom of ayurveda that teaches us how to live in alignment with the rhythms of nature. In doing so, we nurture our authentic self and reconnect to our inner beauty and balance to become healthy, vibrant, and happy. My hope is to awaken your capacity for well-being, guiding you toward a harmonious life of balance, health, and ease.

My approach to wellness is holistic and centers on the whole you. Some topics we cover include: daily rituals, plant-based nutrition, superfoods, ayurveda, yoga, meditation, herbs, and breath-work to treat the whole body. My coaching facilitates a space for healing, self-discovery and transformation; empowering you with the tools to live a life of inner beauty and balance.


Do you…

Crave a more balanced life? One that is in rhythm with nature.
Suffer from inflammation, muscular pain or arthritis?
Experience anxiety or depression? Have limiting belief systems around self-worth.

Feel stressed, overworked and rundown?
Use alcohol, food, or other ways to escape?
Struggle with hormonal changes?


Make decisions with greater connection to your true self?
Holistically heal yourself but eating for both body and soul?
Create more beauty, harmony and abundance in your life?

Become healthier, balanced and vibrant?
Be your own healer? Have your own spiritual tool-kit.
Create a life of self-care and love?


How Can I Best Serve You?

I teach woman to honor their bodies and cultivate a lifestyle in connection with nature. As woman, we are constantly changing; honoring our cyclical nature means listening to the subtle rhythm of our bodies ever changing needs and responding with love and nourishment.



One-on-One personalized 3 or 6 month program. Receive a Wellness Kit and unlimited email support.


“Susan has a non-judgemental character about her that inspires honesty, just not with her but with myself. She is both holistic and intelligent. Through her session I learned how to find more balance in my life and useful tools to maintains it.”

-Shelly R.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Susan's services to anyone looking to heal their body, make healthy choices from a place of self-love, and consciously create a beautiful life!”

-MaryBeth C.

“Susan is great at picking up the essence of my issues, especially when I cant find the words myself. She openly shares her journey and the tools that has helped her, which makes me trust my own process of healing. Everyone should have someone like her in their life.”

-Patricia W.